Iztok Klančar

Reverence / 2014-04-10

Set the video to 1080p HD and listen to this track along with it:

Exhibitions in Spring / 2014-04-02

Good news. There are two shows coming shortly, also with my new work.

24 – 27th april: Derde Wal in Nijmegen, with video work (My Men and Non-verbal)

May: Ten Haaf Projects in Amsterdam, with prints from My Men and Afterlife series.

Cherylee / 2014-03-19

Reconsider. / 2014-03-18

China-Holland-Express / 2014-03-12

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 17.01.27

Me and artist Suzanne Somer are making a Tumblr blog called We React.

As a form of experiment we react to each other’s visual posts. At the moment, Suzanne is staying in Beijing at an artist residency. From now on: pictures from two points in the world.