Iztok Klančar

‘Reverence’ on Tumblr / 2014-11-26

Continuing with my ‘Reverence’ diary. Every day a new image or short text.
Visit here: iztokk.tumblr.com

Performance @ De Derde Dinsdag / 2014-11-16

I will be giving a short performance (in English) during a live show about cultural happenings in Rotterdam.

18 November, 20:00 hrs – De Gouvernestraat, Gouvernestraat 133, Rotterdam
More info here and here.


Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam
Exhibition ‘Undertow’

Opening: Friday 10 October 2014
From: 11 October until 30 November 2014

More info here.


Lifecutter – Oval Window


Close / Het Nutshuis & Acte de présence / 2014-09-05

Close is a show in The Hague, curated by Welmer Keesmaat. He chose eleven artists who all share the need to tell stories about relationships, family and are dealing with personal observations.

My Men can be seen during the day in the small cinema in Het Nutshuis through the duration of the show.

Afterlife is shown around the corner, at Acte de présence. This installation is on display for a couple of weeks only as other artists from the main exhibition will show their work here.

Het Nutshuis – Riviervismarkt 5, Den Haag – more info here
Acte de présence – Jan Hendrikstraat 17, Den Haag – more info here

Read the review written by Bertus Pieters.

Editing Afterlife II / 2014-08-26

Little did I know we had a visit from a group of spectators while I was taking these pictures.